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The truth of the matter is all that matters

During these hearings, the College of Physicians continues to insist that reality is the opposite of the obvious...
... Governments have let the Colleges off the leash, and have said, essentially, "You can do whatever you want"...
... It´s a blank cheque to oppress, intimidate and tyannize members of the health professions. - Michael
The CPSO is persecuting doctors who uphold ethical and scientific truths. Canadians are the ultimate victims. - Mark
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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Justice for Medicine is a crowdfunding site supporting litigation aimed at defending and advancing the fundamental rights of doctors and patients. We fight for: 

  • the right of every patient to make treatment decisions based on the principle of informed consent
  • the right of every doctor to speak and write freely about all matters related to the practice of medicine
  • the right of every doctor to resolve disputes with professional regulators based on the concept of due process
  • the right of doctors and patients to enjoy the full and equal protection of the law.

These cherished rights have been denied to Canadians by governments and regulators during the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. Our mission is to restore them by making principled arguments before regulatory tribunals and the courts based on the common law, administrative law, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the first principles of liberal democratic government.  

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Meet the Team

Michael Alexander

Dr Mark Trozzi, MD

Lluvias Trozzi Newman

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    Michael Alexander

    Michael was trained in Canada and the United States and has practiced for over 30 years in the areas of constitutional law, administrative law, insurance law, libel and defamation law, and public policy. He has appeared before government tribunals and commissions, trial and appeal courts, and the Supreme Court of Canada in matters ranging from commercial insurance disputes to violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    In 2005, he appeared as a self-represented litigant and lead counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada, where he obtained a rare unanimous judgment against State Farm U.S. in a case that saved consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in new homeowner insurance premiums. 

    Michael holds law degrees from the University of Toronto and Columbia University, where he also studied political science and philosophy at the graduate level. While holding the Laidlaw Fellowship in Law and Political Science, he also studied at the University of Chicago. Currently, his practice is devoted to defending doctors and other health care professionals who are being prosecuted by governments and regulatory bodies contrary to due process and the Charter guarantees of freedom of expression and informed consent. 

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    Mark Trozzi, MD

    Dr. Mark Trozzi has practiced Emergency Medicine in Canada for 25 years, and has taught critical resuscitation and advance trauma care for more than a decade while holding teaching positions at three Canadian medical schools.

    Dr Trozzi was on call in multiple emergency units when Covid-19 first appeared, including a unit specifically dedicated to Covid-19 issues. He soon noted severe discrepancies between the public narrative about Covid-19 and the realities in hospital settings. While the government and press claimed that hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients, the ER units where he worked were virtually empty. He phoned ER colleagues around North America who confirmed that they were also presiding over underutilized units. Subsequently, Dr. Trozzi conducted exhaustive research into Covid-19 science and concluded that effective low-cost treatments had been suppressed and Covid-19 genetic injections had been misrepresented as safe and effective.

    At the end of 2020, Dr. Trozzi walked away from his highly successful career, sold his family home, and committed himself completely to alerting the public to the falsehoods concerning Covid-19, while advancing genuine medical science and advocating for basic human rights and the rule of law. Dr. Trozzi is a member of the Steering Committee for the World Council for Health and serves as a consultant and medical advisor to various health and human rights organizations around the world.

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    Lluvias Trozzi Newman

    Lluvias is an entrepreneur, technologist, Bitcoin enthusiast, website specialist, traveller and researcher. His research centers around the use and misuse of technology. The belief that technology is a neutral force that can be used to improve or harm the human experience guides much of his work. Through his publications, such as What is Bitcoin, and his Debunking Contrail Theory Series (both of which have garnered international attention), he demonstrates his thoroughness in communicating his unique ideas.

    In 2022, Lluvias founded Over to the youth, an organization committed to preparing tomorrow’s leaders today by utilizing skills training, well-being facilitation, mentoring, networking and community building. Since 2021, he has also worked as technical support for various human rights advocacy missions, including drtrozzi.org, where his father, Dr. Mark Trozzi, provides cutting-edge medical and scientific information through posts, articles, podcasts, and videos.

    Lluvias has been featured as a public speaker at Better Way Conference events in the UK and at the Palace of Parliament in Romania during the fourth International Crisis Summit. Going beyond his comfort zone to be a voice for his underrepresented generation, Lluvias is guided by the philosophy of, “if not me, then who?”

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