Justice for Medicine

The truth of the matter is all that matters

During these hearings, the College of Physicians continues to insist that reality is the opposite of the obvious...
... Governments have let the Colleges off the leash, and have said, essentially, "You can do whatever you want"...
... It´s a blank cheque to oppress, intimidate and tyannize members of the health professions. - Michael
The CPSO is persecuting doctors who uphold ethical and scientific truths. Canadians are the ultimate victims. - Mark
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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Justice for Medicine is a crowdfunding site supporting litigation aimed at defending and advancing the fundamental rights of doctors and patients. We fight for: 

  • the right of every patient to make treatment decisions based on the principle of informed consent
  • the right of every doctor to speak and write freely about all matters related to the practice of medicine
  • the right of every doctor to resolve disputes with professional regulators based on the concept of due process
  • the right of doctors and patients to enjoy the full and equal protection of the law.

These cherished rights have been denied to Canadians by governments and regulators during the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. Our mission is to restore them by making principled arguments before regulatory tribunals and the courts based on the common law, administrative law, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the first principles of liberal democratic government.  

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