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CPSO v. Trozzi – Case Update – July 21, 2023

Team Trozzi Trounces College during Closing Submissions

Contrary to expectations at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Team Trozzi showed up big in the closing days of the hearing with expert witness Dr. Peter McCullough vindicating Dr. Trozzi on his views on Covid-19 science and lawyer Alexander delivering a knockout blow with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Dr. Trozzi appeared to be losing on the science after the College disqualified his first expert witness (a decision that will be challenged later) and his second expert witness, Dr. Paul Alexander, had to withdraw due to illness in his family. Hoping for a trifecta, the College’s lawyers made an aggressive attempt to disqualify the final witness, Dr. McCullough, during a mini-hearing referred to as a voir dire, alleging that he was biased in favour of Dr. Trozzi. However, they did not succeed; moreover, in the course of their overly aggressive questioning, they allowed Dr. McCullough to introduce evidence that went beyond the scope of his expert report.


After the hearing panel ruled in favour of hearing from Dr. McCullough, Alexander lead him through his expert report, after which the College cross-examined him. Foolishly, a College lawyer attempted to prove that the conclusions in Dr. McCullough’s report were contradicted by some of his scientific citations. This was a total defeat for the College, as Dr. McCullough explained in every instance that he cited the studies for the data they provided, which allowed him to reach his own conclusions, some of which were at variance with the conclusions in the studies themselves.


In closing arguments on July 17th, Alexander reviewed the total record of all expert evidence and proved that the College had utterly failed to make its case that Dr. Trozzi had made misleading statements about Covid-19 science. Alexander emphasized that the College’s lead expert had admitted that he had never responded to a report tendered by Dr. Trozzi in September of 2021, where he had supported his views with 29 scientific and statistical references from well-recognized sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association. Thus, Alexander submitted that Dr. Trozzi was unrefuted in his views concerning Covid-19 science.


Relying on Supreme Court cases dating from 1939 to present, Alexander also argued that the College had no right to censor Dr. Trozzi since his views are fully protected by the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression, which safeguards minority opinions in all matters. The College had little to say in reply.


Alexander also took advantage of the College’s failure to define the standard of practice Dr. Trozzi had supposedly violated, thereby casting doubt on the legitimacy of the entire proceeding.


A decision will be rendered within the next four to six weeks.

8 responses

  1. I continue to hope and pray for Dr. Trozzi to be successful with his case concerning the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who do not have the
    best interest of the people/patients, or the good doctors who care for their patients at heart. It is time the truth about our medical establishment is brought to the attention of the people. If good and truth is to win this battle, then Dr. Trozzi will be declared the winner when the decision is rendered. Thank God for people like Dr. Trozzi and all of the good doctors like him.

  2. Dr. McCullough made some pretty good scientific results plus the Charter of Rights!!!! It seems obvious to a lay person.

  3. Good work by Michael Alexander against all odds thrown against him and Justice in this case. We can only pray that the rule of Law and Justice will prevail.

  4. This Human-doctor-father-husband-friend-and hero, should be honoured and respected in the highest regard for his dedication to the medical oath he took! This Oath was for every single soul in need of something so unique, that only certain people dedicate their lives to it’s modalities to help individuals stay healthy! We need this man more than ever, and his family needs him back as well. Dr. Trozzi thank you for your noble heart, and honour, for everything you and all have contributed!
    Love and Respect Always,

    Elizabeth Ann O’HANDLEY B.A.
    Dipl. ACU

  5. Dr. Mark Trozzi
    Committee: Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal
    Decision Date: 06 Oct 2023
    On October 6, 2023, the Tribunal found that Dr. Trozzi committed professional misconduct by:
    • engaging in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct and failing to meet the standard of practice of the profession in relation to his statements about vaccinations, treatments and public health measures for COVID-19 in social media postings, on his website and in interviews;
    • failing to meet the standard of practice of the profession in his care of patients to whom he issued medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines; and
    • failing to respond appropriately or within a reasonable time to a written inquiry from the College.
    The Tribunal also found Dr. Trozzi incompetent.

    Tribunal Office will schedule a penalty hearing.
    More detail can be found in the reasons for decision linked below. OPSDT reasons are also available at http://www.opsdt.ca and https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onpsdt/. The exhibits can be obtained by contacting the Tribunal Office at tribunal@opsdt.ca.

    Decision: Download Full Decision (PDF)
    Hearing Date(s): Hearing Case Management: 2022-10-21; Motions: 2022-09-07; 2022-11-23; 2023-03-10; Merits: 2023-06-13 to 16; 2023-06-19; 2023-07-11 to 12; 2023-07-17

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  7. having read all of Dr.Trozzi’s articles the words like disgraceful,dishonourable and unprofessional are far from the actions of this honorable and competent man..He is a credit to his profession in every sense of the word. I have friends and family members who have been damaged or killed by this gene altering shot.If dr.’s cannot practice the oath they took at dedicating their lives to the highest standard of their profession then we have lost all hope of good medicine. I pray that the committee will realize the high standards Dr.Trozzi practices and exonerate him and let him continue his excellent work.

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