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CPSO v. Dr. Trozzi – The next steps in the fight

Mark delivers a message regarding the 7-day hearing in CPSO v. Dr. Trozzi, which begins on June 13th at 9AM EDT. To obtain a hearing link, sign up for updates.

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  1. Dear Dr Trozzi,

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  2. I just joined and will donate to support Dr Trozzi & all the other truth-speaking docs.
    I watched the CPSO tribunal yesterday and today and I really don’t understand the logic of not having it recorded for future viewing.
    It is, for me, more a lesson in legal manoeuvring that looking for scientific proof of claims made. It was shocking to hear Dr. Gardom reciting at this stage the “safe and effective” mantra.
    And then today, to hear one of CPSO lawyers attack today’s witness in part because she has no medical degree and has not contributed personally to any peer-reviewed study of vaccine safety & efficacy. This is part of what I refer to is the deification of doctors and scientists, regardless of lack of proof of their competence, and the ignorance of the values of logic and deductive reasoning.
    Because of the plodding questioning today by the CPSO’s lawyer, we are not able to hear Dr. Peter McCullough’s testimony as a witness this afternoon.
    He is now rescheduled to appear Monday at the exact time I will be on a long air flight.
    I really hope someone will make available his testimony because his status as an “ expert witness” should absolutely blow apart any counter arguments from the CPSO’s lightweight lawyers who will question him!

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